Liquid Light 2 Blade Holder

Liquid Light 2 Blade Holder


NOTE: this purchase does not include the torch or blades shown in the image. You will need to purchase the LED Lenser D14.2 torch - Please see details HERE

IMPORTANT: please select from the Liquid Light Blades that have the holes pre-drilled. This is what connects them to the holder.

Take Light Blading into the water. Liquid Light is a project Denis has been working on for many years and these tools are the culmination of hundreds of hours of testing and development. When you invest in the Liquid Light System, you will get access to a fully comprehensive tutorial series with Denis, showing you all the tricks and tips to bring your own images to life.

The 2 Blade holder fits 2 x 3mm Acrylic blades snuggly, locked in place by a stainless steel wing screw for easy replacement, and secure attachment.

BLADE TUTORIAL - Denis has created a super comprehensive Light Blading tutorial that is compatible with the Liquid Light System, all fo the tips and tricks there, translate here perfectly, see the tutorial HERE

IMPORTANT - The Liquid Light system is compatible with the Led Lenser D14.2 torch ONLY. See the video explaining this HERE.

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