Ball of Light Head - Mentoring Package

Ball of Light Head - Mentoring Package

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IMPORTANT - When you click “add to cart” you will be prompted to select 6 STANDARD heads. Please view the range of heads HERE

Get the best from your tool, and light painting in general with this amazing Ball of Light Head package.

If you do not already own a Ball of Light Tool, you will need to purchase that separately HERE

Your purchase includes:

  • One hour skype/messenger mentoring session with Denis Smith

  • 6 Ball of Light Heads NEW DESIGN

IMPORTANT - This package is for those who already own a Ball of Light Tool.

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Order the Ball of Light Head Mentoring Package, select any 6 standard Ball of Light heads and we will include a One Hour Live Mentoring Session with Denis.

The mentoring session will be via Skype or Facebook Messenger and can be developed to fit your needs. You may use the time as you please, but may include the following;

  • Image reviews

  • Technical conversations about your light painting

  • Post processing workflows

  • Perfecting your orb spinning techniques

  • Getting the best from your tools

After placing your order you will be linked to a calendar where you can select a date and time that fits. There will also be instructions on how to make contact and upload files for review.

You will need to have access to either Skype or Facebook Messenger and a decent internet connection and a computer/device with a camera. You will receive instructions on how to prepare so that the time is spent mentoring, not sorting technical issues.

After 9 years of developing the perfect orb tool, here it is, the official Ball of Light Tool. This has been a labor of love for me. A product I wanted to be insanely reliable, strong and adjustable. I have hand made this tool from scratch from only the best components and have thrashed many of them to be sure it is just that.
If you have ever built your own orb tool you will know how difficult it is to achieve reliability. Over the years I have experimented with so many variations to achieve a cable grip design that if used correctly (you must follow the clear instructional video) will last you hundreds, if not thousands of spins.
The head (the unit with the LED’s in it) is quickly and easily changeable, so you can have an array of colours in your bag and only one cable and controller. I will be sending you two heads of different colours, and in future a wide variety of heads will be available to purchase from the shop. These heads are incredible strong. We have tried hard to destroy one of these with no luck. You can even break off an LED and the remainder will still function!
The controller is extremely robust and is designed to offer full control in the brightness of the head. If you are in the dark and your aperture is wide open you can dim the head. Out in a brightly lit street you can increase the brightness to suit.
I know The Ball of Light Tool will not be attainable for everyone. I have worked incredibly hard to refine the build process to get keep the cost as low as possible. This is an investment that will bring a new level of awesomeness to your light painting!
When you receive your Ball of Light Tool you will be guided to a private web page that features a comprehensive video tutorial on how to correctly use your tool.

Peace, Denis.

IMPORTANT: The Ball of Light Tool is designed to work only with heads purchased from this shop. Using any other head or component not manufactured by Denis Smith may cause the controller to fail or permanent damage.