Chromalight light painting tools are a collection of 6 coloured acrylic rods and a clear acrylic tube. There is a magical light that comes from solid acrylic. It is a soft, bright and often varying light. The kit comes in a soft, felt carrying bag to protect them from excessive scratching. You get a universal connector and 2 end caps to make for a complete kit, minus a torch. Any torch will bring the Chromalight tools to life.

We have highly polished the ends of each Chromalight for maximum light transmission. 

Each Chromalight kit contains:

  • 6 coloured 25mm acrylic rods
  • 1 clear 25mm acrylic tube
  • 1 Light Painting Brushes Universal Connector
  • 2 rubber end caps
  • 1 felt carrying bag

The Chromalight light painting tools will make a stunning addition to any light painting kit!

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IMPORTANT: Although he ends of the Chromalight tools are highly polished, the surface of the Chromalight has slight imperfections. As part of the development of this product I made a conscious decision to leave these. The slight imperfections give a very delicate texture to the final image that I personally love. Many of you will modify the tools by either polishing or sanding them as well.