Painted LED Lenser D14.2

Painted LED Lenser D14.2


IMPORTANT: There are many incredibly poor knock offs of this torch, as happens with genuinely stunning products. DO NOT buy one of these cheap fakes. It will not fit the Liquid Light system, and will not be water tight. The retail price of a genuine LED Lenser D14.2 is between AUD$100-$140, any less and you will be buying a fake, or a LED Lenser D14, which is a lesser, and old stock product.

Denis has used, abused, and killed many torches in the water over the years. Many torches make claims of water resistance. The reality is those ratings are for the torch being submerged into water. When you are creating Liquid Light images, you will be thrashing these torches.

The LED Lenser D14.2 is a beast! If cared for, and if you follow the instructions in the Liquid Light Tutorial, this torch will last you for years and is perfect for this type of photography.

You have 2 options.

  1. Purchase the torch yourself. It comes form the factory in bright yellow which is not what we want for light painting, it will show up in the image. So you will need to paint it. Denis has created a comprehensive tutorial at the bottom of this page.

  2. Denis will prepare a torch for you by stripping it down, painting it and fitting a black cord to it. This will add a small amount over the official retail price of the torch, but will save you some time, and the cost of a good quality plastic paint.

REMEMBER - Denis has chosen this torch after killing many considerably more expensive torches in the water. This torch is amazing and if you follow the directions for use in the tutorials, it will work for a long time at the highest level.

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