Get the intro Liteblades® Kit with one Monolith blade, 1 KYO attachement, and 1 Klarus XT11S light. 

The Liteblades are a new generation of light painting tools made to create rich textures and light patterns. Created for the Klarus lights to get over 1100 Lumens of power. Specially designed for all sorts of light painting including light graffiti, portrait, freestyle and katas.

MONOLITH is a must. Its shape makes highly dimensional patterns with lots of depth. Its design for abstracts, graffitis, light painting katas and backgrounds. It's the purest tool from the LITEBLADE series. Made for medium to fast movements, combined with the light KLARUS lights, you get a professional power tool to create some stunning light paintings. This new Round Bottom MONOLITH is also reversible, by putting the flat tip at the bottom, you get around tip at the top to paint with.

*The colours are created with filters on the lightened or on the Liteblade. Filters sold separately HERE.

**Dust and scratches are not included but encouraged! The Liteblades keep getting better with wear and tear. Feel free to modify at will. See how to do the milky effect below.

KYO Features:

• Dual blade attachment system with the option of holding one or two blades.
• Solid design for the most intensive light painting katas and freestyle movements.
• Including a pressure plate when using a single blade for maximum strength and protection.
• Built with aircraft grade aluminum weighing only 94 grams.
• Round bottom blades tilting design, opening to a multitude of creative combinations.
• Top openings to create flares and strokes with color gels.
• Adjustable angle for the side button users giving the blade the chosen direction.
• Designed for the Klarus XT & RS series. 

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