LIVING LIGHT BRIGHT with Denis Smith and Craig Wetjen

LIVING LIGHT BRIGHT with Denis Smith and Craig Wetjen


September 19th 2019

Join Craig Wetjen and Denis Smith for a night in the (hopefully snowy) mountains of Victoria for a light painting/photography workshop like no other. This event is on the night before the Bright Festival of Photography, so is a great addition to the weekend.

Craig and Denis are world recognised educators in their respective field and will take you out into the night to learn the art of balancing darkness and light.

When Craig and Denis met in Wellington, New Zealand in 2017, there was an immediate connection, they both have an unshakable desire to improve the understanding and acceptance we have around mental health. They both use photography as a way to keep their own mental health in check and love helping others develop the same methodologies.

Limited to 10 people Craig and Denis will be spending plenty of intimate time with you helping you create a suite of images.


  • Natural light techniques and balancing off camera flash

  • Approach to the environment

  • Approach to the person and posing

  • Camera settings and tripod usage

  • Mixing light painting and ambient light

  • Mixing light painting and astro

  • Light Painting Portraits

  • Advanced Outdoor Exposure Control


Please read our Workshop Terms prior to booking here > Prior to the workshop, you will receive an email containing all of the relevant information, i.e. what to bring, parking, location, Q&A etc. 

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Craig is a master at creating environmental portraits, is a super experienced educator and takes the mixing of ambient, and artificial light to another level. At this workshop Craig is going to work with you to create striking portraits out in the wild while mixing ambient and artificial light.

Learn more about Craig HERE


10 years ago Denis bought his first camera, quickly discovered light painting. The past 5 years have been spent taking light painting to the world, teaching this incredible art form to as many as possible.  Denis will show you how easy, fun and exciting it is to add light painting into the environment.

Learn more about Denis HERE



We will meet in Bright at the BFOP headquarters for some pre-workshop theory and reparation. We will then travel in convoy, carpooling, to our workshop location. At this stage this looks like being at either Mt Hotham or Mt Buffalo. Denis and Craig will make a call closer to the workshop as to the most suitable location. The current weather and accessibility will determine the location on the night. BUT it will be awesome!

At all times both Denis and Craig will be working wth the group, the indicative timings below are just to outline that there will be a variety of styles of photography.

3:00pm Gather in Bright
3:15pm  Theory session and preparation for the night
4:00pm Depart for workshop destination
5:00pm  Arrive at Location
5:15pm Session with Craig - environmental portraits around sunset
8:00pm Session with Denis - Light Painting - mixing light painting and astro
10:00pm Wrap up and head back to Bright


We will be sending you a comprehensive preparation document prior to the event, but here is a snapshot.

  • Camera capable of Manual Mode and a minimum exposure of 30 seconds

  • Sturdy Tripod

  • WARM dark clothing - if it is damp, a rain cover of some sort

  • Water

  • A remote to lock your shutter open on bulb

  • Suitable walking shoes


We are going to be taking you into the elements, into the mountains and searching for snow. This means that the conditions will be challenging! PLEASE be very clear the weather at these events may mean contingency plans around the location may come into play. Our communication will be very clear leading up the workshop around expected weather conditions.


We will be walking around uneven and slippery surfaces. Please wear appropriate footwear. This workshop may not be suitable for people with mobility issues. If you choose to join us up in the wet, slippery snow, please be sensible.