MELBOURNE (7th-8th Sep, 2 night event)

MELBOURNE (7th-8th Sep, 2 night event)


Saturday September 7 + Sunday September 8

Light painting is such a fun, easy and ultimately rewarding form of photography. Our events are universally loved by young and old!

Rob Turney and Denis Smith have skill sets that cross all genres of light painting and have worked together on some of the most epic light painting events in Australia. This September they are coming together again to bring you 2 nights of light painting madness across 10 HOURS!.

This is an event starting indoors at a great location where we will be teaching you the basics of light painting. By the end of the first night you will be creating your own incredible images. For those that are experienced light painters, you will learn things that will expand you abilities even further.

The second night will be out in the wild putting what you have learned into practice.


  • Creating Orbs (Ball of Light)

  • Refractographs

  • Light Painting Portraits

  • Live light painting projections

  • Light Blading

  • Advanced Outdoor Exposure Control

  • Smashing Myths About Gear!

  • Massive array of tools (including some newbies)


That’s 10 hours of workshop!

This is an event suitable for all skill levels and any fitness level. No matter how much confidence you lack, we always make you comfortable, and get you creating in no time.

Our workshops are renowned as being exciting, high energy, inclusive and most importantly inspirational. You can be a complete beginner to light painting, and you will leave with dozens of images you created. 

This will be a solid 10 hours of light painting theory, inspiration and ultimately you creating your own light painting images. There will be a full suite of light painting tools on hand for you to experiment with. 

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150 Princes Street
North Carlton
VIC 3054

6:00pm Arrive at Workshop Venue
6:30pm  Theory presentation (projected)
7:00pm  Camera setup and testing
7:30pm  Light Painting Tool Demonstrations
8:00pm  Participant light painting, hands on and guided by Denis and crew
11:00pm Workshop Wrap


Outdoor Location TBA, but it will be incredible!

6:00pm Arrive at location
6:30pm  Safety Briefing
7:00pm Scout locations and discuss how we prepare for a night of shooting
8:00pm  MAKE MAGIC!
11:00pm Workshop Wrap


We will be sending you a comprehensive preparation document prior to the event, but here is a snapshot.

  • Camera capable of Manual Mode and a minimum exposure of 30 seconds

  • Sturdy Tripod

  • Dark clothing (suitable for conditions)

  • Water

It is not essential, but the ability to lock your shutter open in bulb is a real advantage once we head outside. 


Although we will be heading outside in the dark we will be taking all precautions regarding safety. We will ensure that all locations we attend are easily accessible to all and at no stage will you be expected to light paint in any location you choose not to! We will be having a comprehensive safety briefing at the locations.

Please read our Workshop Terms prior to booking here >
Prior to the workshop, you will receive an email containing all of the relevant information, i.e. what to bring, parking, location, Q&A etc.