SHINE - A Celebration of Light

SHINE - A Celebration of Light


As part of the UNESCO International Day of Light ( we are organising a get together of people for some Love, Light and Laughs. 

Light painting is a wonderful form of photography. Mysterious, fun and enlightening. We will simply be playing for the day and night in the incredible Flour Shed. Join us to play, or simply watch.

Bring along your cameras and tripods, but this is not essential, just watching the magic happen can be just as fun.

Peace, Denis

IMPORTANT: This a FREE event. It is NOT a photography workshop. You will be able to capture people doing light painting if you don't have your own tools, but please do not come with expectations of using other people's light painting tools. You may get the opportunity to use tools, but this will be the decision of the tool owners. I know this sounds a little dramatic, but clear expectations lead to zero disappointment.

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