Universal Connector (individual)

Universal Connector (individual)


The Universal Connector allows light painting photographers to universally connect literally millions of flashlights and torches to a limitless array of Light Painting Brushes tools and light modifiers. With the Light Painting Brush System lights and light modifiers can be quickly and easily interchanged.

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Crafted from a durable natural rubber polymer with excellent tear resistance, grip and elasticity. The Universal Connector will last for many years under normal light painting conditions. The Universal Connector works with any relatively round light that has a diameter of 2.5cm-3.8cm. Works best with lights that have an on/off switch near the rear of the light.

The Universal Connector must be used in conjunction with the Light Painting Brushes System, or approved light painting tools along with a suitable torch (not included).

Please Note: Any lights or Light Painting Tools shown in the images are for example purposes only, they are not included with this item.

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