If you have invested in the incredible LITEBLADE system, you are serious about your light blading. I thrash my KYO’s, when I am using them, I move a lot and am pretty aggressive with my system.

A well known issue with the Klarus torch that we use with the system is that when moving the torch around in your hand the two main buttons are very exposed and easily bumped during a movement. A pain when you are mid shot.

The XT-Sleeve removes this issue by easily sliding over the torch, and locking into place. The XT-Sleeve is contoured to give amazing control in the hand as well.

Manufactured from ABS plastic for strength.

We have tested the XT-Sleeve over many long shots and they have performed faultlessly. As with all light painting tools, there are some things you need to be aware of:

  • The XT-Sleeve is designed to fit any XT Series Klarus with a head diameter of 34.9mm

  • 9/64th Hex Key

  • Do not leave torch on while in sleeve for extended periods

  • DO NOT over tighten the hex key, it only needs to be nipped up.


Each XT-Sleeve is 3d printed in my workshop and each XT-Sleeve takes approximately 5 hours to print. We do our best to keep up with demand. You order may take up to a week to arrive. Please be patient.

Shipping anything from the bottom of Australia to the rest fo the world is expensive. I only pass on my costs with shipping. The minimum I can get anything north of the equator, no matter the weight, is AUD$35. I could use standard mail, but the extra time involved in using standard mail means I would only add that cost to the item. It is tricky. Sorry that it seems so much.

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