Posting the image yesterday from 2009 got me thinking and I looked back over my first 6 months of light painting. It was crazy!

You may know about the part that photography, and mainly light painting, played in my life in 2009. It was certainly art therapy for me. This image was created in the Flinders Ranges here in South Australia. An incredible place that is so special to me.

I would be out on my own, miles from any other human and just experimenting. Breathing, not caring at all about image quality, noise or the camera I had (because it was extremely basic). Just being completely at one with myself and my incredible surroundings.

There is a freedom in creating work completely for yourself. I have hundreds (maybe thousands) of light paintings from this period that have never left my hard drive. This, and the 50 or so from this night are examples.

I genuinely hope that you find that in your own work. Try not to care what others think.

Peace, Denis

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