Well im on a bit of a roll with these historical light painting images.

I have uploaded this a bit larger than I would normally so you can see the detail. This image was created at 4:41am, the camera was a Canon 450d with a kit lens. 70 seconds at F13.

Without you seeing the hi res it is hard to explain how sharp this image it. The dynamic range is incredibly impressive to.

My point is, this camera is basically ancient technology. And it created the majority of my favourite images.

NEVER let gear be your excuse not to go and try!

NEVER let any dick tell you that you need a "modern camera" to create good photos!

NEVER EVER believe the bullshit hype around "low light capability" and its importance in creating light painting images. Only you see the noise because you have been brainwashed to believe it matters.

NEVER be afraid to go and try!

Rant over.

The proof is in the pudding.

Peace, Denis

Denis Smith1 Comment