Creating tight, crisp and well exposed orbs is incredibly difficult. I am sending out so many Ball of Light Tools, to all corners of the globe. Those of you who now have them in your hands, and those of you simply creating strings of christmas lights as a tool, remember that it takes time and a whooooooole lot of practise.

So here is a tip.

Focus on creating composition. Whether that is out in a landscape, looking through a door in an old building or simply standing next to a tree. If the images you create are interesting even if they did not have the light painting in them, then I promise you that you will feel inspired to keep on spinning. 

Try not to stand in a dark corner and practise your spinning, this will only breed discontent. 

This image here is from my very first months creating orbs in 2009. I remember being so outrageously excited when I saw these images. I mean my head was exploding with excitement. By being under the jetty it gave me a goal to create a great image of the jetty. For many years, and to this day, I still head back there to try and get "that" shot. 

I promise you that my spins are still regularly shit! 

Get out and play. Have fun and go hard!

Peace, Denis