Just a very quick post.

As an artist (which still feels odd to say) there is something incredible about seeing your work hanging on the walls.

I woke up this morning and realised last night was like a blur, like a dream. I have a lot on at the moment and hanging my SALA exhibition at Peter Lehmann Wines was pretty nerve wracking. A lot of work. 

This guy right here just rolled in, and smashed it. Daniel drove with all the work through shocking rain and wind (tricky with a 2800mm pano) to the venue, had to prep the walls with hanging hooks and got it all up. PERFECTLY!

Discovering Blackman Gallery, and their incredible service, quality and respect has been a revelation. And I mean that genuinely.

When I was describing the feeling to Kyrie this morning I think it is this simple, and a lesson that anyone, in any industry, can take on board. When I am in the presence of this business whether at their studio/gallery/workshop. or in front of the client. Daniel makes me feel special, like I am the client and he is humble.

Preparing art for sale, or any purpose really, is incredible difficult. For me all sorts of insecurities arise. I was so nervous last night, yet when I saw the pieces hanging on the wall, i just stood there and engaged with my own work. I wasn't looking for the errors, or bad framing. I just stood, with a tear in my eye, and felt proud and excited.


Thank you Daniel, and whole team at Blackman Galleries. I am proud to have you as a partner in my business. 

Go see their places: Website, facebook.

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