Aaron Martin


Aaron and I met at a workshop a couple years ago. There was an energy about this guy that was just infectious. Our small group of Adelaide light painters was just that, small. It didn't take long before Aaron was hanging out and creating magic. Whether it is the joy of youth, a passion for getting out, or just a love of light, Aaron is a guy that has been right by my side, both having fun, and more and more as an amazing mentor at our light painting workshops. With a heart the size of Texas and energy to burn, it is my pleasure to highlight a bit of Aaron's amazing work here. 

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How long have you been light painting?

2 years.

Where did you first see light painting and what got you started?

First heard about it from a friend that attended Denis Smiths workshop then did one for myself and got hooked!

What is the craziest location you have light painted?

Been to so many now, through the uk, france and the flinders ranges would be up there.

Where is your favorite online location for light painting inspiration?

Would have to say facebook and instagram.

What advice would you offer someone just starting out in light painting?

Ask for help, not to be afraid to share your work and just have a blast.

 What is the thing you love most about light painting?

The freedom to create something different and unique and the light painting community.

How long have you had your Ball of Light Tool?

Just before it was released. (Denis: Aaron was an early help in developing the tool by testing it in the field, he broke a few!) 

What is the feature of the tool you like the most?

The versatility of the tool, from the finger loop, to the adjustability of the brightness and the sweet colour range.

What advice would you give someone just starting out on their orb spinning journey?

Just to relax, not over think it, use a marker and just have a great time.

Where online, other than light painting, do you go for inspiration?

Just seeing all my friends creating their art.

 Tell us one strange thing about you that people would find weird?

I wouldn't know where to start! (denis: aaron is a massive car guy, and has incredible skills as a mechanic and fabricator)