Lee Russell


Lee is an incredibly talented professional photographer. I always love seeing how someone with a "professional eye" creates fine art images. Lee kills it. When you take a look at his images you will see a cleanness, the daylight look that i love so much. We have been away a few times and Lee loves to sneak away and create little pockets of magic. You are a good mate Lee and it has been such a joy watching your light painting develop over the years. Peace my good friend.

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How long have you been light painting?

My Light painting journey started 2 years ago.

Where did you first see light painting and what got you started?

I remember seeing some of Denis’s early work online many years ago and couldn’t help thinking how is that done! I saw a workshop advertised on Facebook by chance at Z ward and thought why not.

What is the craziest location you have light painted?

In the middle of Taronga Zoo in Sydney. We were there taking in the vivid light festival and a opportunity or break in the huge crowds presented itself. Whipped out the BOLT and went for it! I have also been to quite a few places in the middle of the night that I never thought I would be. 

Where is your favorite online location for light painting inspiration?

Instagram is awesome for browsing and getting inspiration. It would be difficult to highlight just a few feeds. Some aren’t even light painting related but it gives you some great base ideas to work with or to put your own spin on.

What advice would you offer someone just starting out in light painting?

There is no right or wrong way of doing light painting. No one can see you in the dark anyway!

If your struggling with a starting point then a light painting workshop is a great way to get your head around the basics and get you into some knockout locations

 What is the thing you love most about light painting?

Those moments between doing some crazy stuff in the dark with a light source and waiting for timer to end and shutter to close.

Most of the time when we take a photo we picture it and know the end result just by looking at the scene beforehand. It’s completely opposite with light painting and I love that!

How long have you had your Ball of Light Tool?

Just over 12 months now and note worthy still using original cable!

What is the feature of the tool you like the most?

The durability and reliability, you can really tell that this is not just another mass produced product. Its hand made by someone who cares about the product and understands the way it will be used. 

It’s made to last and take a damn good beating in the process.  Also the way you can change heads on the run and customise the brightness is second to none.

What advice would you give someone just starting out on their orb spinning journey?

Don’t be too hard on yourself, we are our own worst critics at times with practice it will become second nature. 

I personally found it easier to practice a little during the day where you can see exactly what’s going on with the angle of spin and passing over middle point. 

By the time you step in front of a camera on location your only worrying about having a ball.

Where online, other than light painting, do you go for inspiration?

Again Instagram is brilliant. 

 Tell us one strange thing about you that people would find weird?

We get a few strange looks when people find out our cats name is “puppy” (Denis: yup, that is pretty odd mate)