Mik Waye


Mik you bloody legend! This guy is like one huge bottle of energy! Such a joy to have around and has taken to light painting with a fury! We just connected at a workshop and I instantly felt safe and warm in his presence. Mik likes to spin an orb or two and has taken to it like a duck to water. You are the light mate! 

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How long have you been light painting?

About 12mths.

Where did you first see light painting and what got you started?

Always liked night photography, but when I went to a workshop at the Flour Shed (Port Adelaide) that was it , I was hooked!

What is the craziest location you have light painted?

Recently went to the Flinders Ranges with a great bunch of guys , full moon , spinning a orb on a edge of a cliff... crazy .. but so much fun !!! Some other nights at abandoned old buildings in the pouring rain. 

Where is your favorite online location for light painting inspiration?

Instagram ... so many amazing artists.

What advice would you offer someone just starting out in light painting?

Practice Practice Practice.  Have fun with it , experiment with different settings...  Make sure you lightpaint under a full moon ... it's incredible!!!

 What is the thing you love most about light painting?

Running around with lights  and then closing the shutter, to see what you came up with . Don't like it ... Do it again !!!  Possibilities are endless!

How long have you had your Ball of Light Tool?

Around 8-9 months.

What is the feature of the tool you like the most?

Its Tough!!! Very tough , I've hit the ground many a time ... still works . Also all the different colour head attachments.... Love it.

What advice would you give someone just starting out on their orb spinning journey?

Go out the front / back yard .. and just spin.   I've had some great advice from the Denis Smith Workshops and I'm just getting to a stage where I'm happy with my orbs.     

Just keep spinning! 

Where online, other than light painting, do you go for inspiration?

I try to get to the workshops , they are so much fun and its really a positive environment. I'm always on the lookout for places in the Adelaide Hills to visit .  Also , the people I have met at the workshops , always willing to help , offer advice and even head out for a night of lightpainting.

 Tell us one strange thing about you that people would find weird?

I clean and sterilise instruments out of operating theatres as a day job.