Phill Fisher


Mr Phill Fisher, what a guy. We first met at Photokina during the Light Painting Congress, but became really close as I was planning my 2016 UK Tour. The help and inspiration Phill gave me to make the epic journey north was selfless and so giving. When it all fell apart he was right there, literally supporting me through it. Phill is one of those light painters who can put his hand to anything and will give anything a go, normally with incredible results. Recently Pala Teth used Phill as an example of someone who just learns any skill super fast and has energy to burn. I look forward to making some magic together again mate. You are a true gentleman of our artform, and I am proud to call you a friend. Peace.

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How long have you been light painting?

I started in early 2015, so not long in the grand scheme of things

Where did you first see light painting and what got you started?

At the start I had never heard of lightpainting,I didn’t even know what an orb was. I had an old DSLR back then and I was trying to take daytime pictures that I absolutely sucked at, I didn’t know anything about how the camera worked or what different parts of the camera were or did. One day I was trying to take photos of sunsets in the New forest UK and couldn’t work out why they didn’t work, Over exposed in the sky, and pitch black in the foreground, I became frustrated and waited for less light, I realised I needed a long exposure and happened to walk in front of the camera with a torch and realised I had ruined my picture but discovered a light trail. This peaked my interest and I started messing around in my torch and over a couple of weeks I started waving more lights about and creating shapes and some very rough balls with a torch on some string.

A friend of mine then suggested checking out Flickr as a place to put my pictures and a whole new world was opened up to me. I realised there were many people out there doing incredible things with lightpainting and I was hooked.

What is the craziest location you have light painted?

My lightpainting adventures take me to many different places but I think the best for me was Stonehenge and maybe an abandoned slate mine in Wales.

Where is your favorite online location for light painting inspiration?

At the start it was Flickr, Just seeing some of those images back then blew me away as I tried to work out how they were done. Now there is a strong LP community out there, Facebook groups are numerous, Digital Lightart magazine and The lightpainting blog are a couple of good sources of information.

What advice would you offer someone just starting out in light painting?

There are no rights and wrongs, do what makes you happy and don’t be afraid to ask questions to the community.

 What is the thing you love most about light painting?

There is very little that can stop you achieving the image you have in your head. You control all aspects of what’s happening in your picture and its fun.

How long have you had your Ball of Light Tool?

I bought it very soon after it came out. Was that in October 2016?

What is the feature of the tool you like the most?

The ease of use of the tool and the dimming function, which is incredibly useful.

What advice would you give someone just starting out on their orb spinning journey?

Practice, practice, practice.

Where online, other than light painting, do you go for inspiration?

I don’t really, I use google maps to scout for locations and then think about what I can do at that spot.

 Tell us one strange thing about you that people would find weird?

No doubt this is the hardest question on here to answer! Ask anyone I have met and they will tell you I have a healthy (or unhealthy) interest in Sausage, ha ha ha