LPWA Australian Tour Videos

WOW! What a tour that was. 3 Australian Cities, hundreds of people engaged with light painting and of course the chance for everyone to meet and learn from some of the best light painters on the planet! 

Having Patrick Rochon and Pala Teth with us for the full 2 weeks was such a buzz and I know they were blown away by the turn out we got across the country. I have developed a very close friendship with them both along with our amazing team here in Australia. 

This tour was devised and lead by Mr Rob Turney who roped me in to help. It was 6 months of organising, planning and managing locations, humans and budgets. Thank you mate for battling through, I am super proud to call you a good mate. Without you this would simply have never happened!

Of course without the stunning support of our wives, partners and families, none of this could have happened. We were gone not just for the tour, but for the months leading up to it, there were many late nights, and furrowed brows. 

The Light Painting World Alliance is the brainchild of Sergey Churkin, thank you mate. You can head over and see the amazing breadth of events, tours and all around massive connections the group makes with the community HERE

The rest of you, Kyrie, Ben, Alex, Aaron, Brittany, Deanne and Bill, Monika along the entire Adelaide crew and the rest of the team who gave their nights and days to make this tour a great success, thank you. What a team!

Of course our tour partners Olympus Australia, Light Painting Brushes, Led Lenser, Diamonds Camera and Video and Digi Direct were amazing in helping us spread the light, thank you all!

Here are our daily vids, hacked together on a small ipad air, whilst tired and worn out, but you get the idea of the fun, engagement and joy. Love, Laughs and Light!

Peace, Denis 

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