Easter Island Episode 1

We are a week away from leaving for Easter Island, and Kyrie and I are feeling on schedule. There is a huge amount to still do, but here is the first in the videos in the series. 

This is a 32,000km round trip of awesomeness!

We will be covering preparation, planning, the equipment we are taking along with a huge amount of behind the scenes footage from the island. 

I will try and keep them as tight as possible, but I hope you enjoy the journey, it is going to be huge. 

Thank you to our amazing partners Olympus Australia who have made the trip a reality. They have been so incredibly supportive along the journey.

This video was shot with The Olympus EM1mk2, 12-40 F2.8 Lens and the audio was recorded using the wonderful little LS-P4 audio recorder.