Easter Island Episode 3

In this video we are looking at the equipment we are taking to hold the cameras, a bit of audio and light. We are producing a series of tutorials while we are away, so there is a need to take some equipment that you may not normally take on a photography trip. We are taking lighting, audio recording gear and the associated components that come with that. 

Enjoy the video, and see below where I talk about some audio issues and how we overcame them.


One of the things you will see in this video is an issue we had recording the audio. This is actually a really positive thing, and I will explain why. I normally use radio packs hooked up to lapel microphones. These are great, it give you freedom of movement, you don't have to be syncing audio after the shoot, and they are designed to be used in this way.

When you use radio mics in a specific country, such as Australia, they use a radio frequency that has been allocated to all equipment of this type, in your specific country. In Chile, and Easter Island they may use a different frequency, thus you might interfere with those. There is an article about this fascinating subject HERE. So we cannot take or use this equipment.

Our solution is to use an audio recorder for my voice and ambient sound, then sync it all later in post production. The audio recorder we are using is fantastic, the Olympus LS-P4 which suits my needs in many ways. It is small, lightweight, records onto internal memory and has a USB connection that allows me to connect directly to the laptop for file transfer. I had an issue during the recording of a couple of videos, the one above included, where the lapel mic disconnected from the recorder. Because the recorder is in my pocket, I was not monitoring it, so was not aware that this had happened. So in the video I had to rely on the audio being recorded on the camera, which is fine, you can still clearly hear what I am saying.



I designed and printed a small attachment that screws into a mount underneath the unit, and grips the plug, so it is impossible for the plug to come out. This is a stunning little recorder, and we are using it a little outside of what it is designed for, but this mod means I do not need to be thinking about this issue while we are recording and can be 100% focused on the creation of content.


Being prepared early for a trip of this magnitude is so important. I cannot afford to arrive at Easter Island with any issues around gear, so we are testing technical equipment and processes well in advance to uncover any issues like this. When you are travelling to a place like Easter Island, there is no way a lot of gear, like this, is available. So test. be prepared, and take back ups.

I hope you enjoyed this update, and we are in the final stages of prep now. I am looking forward to sharing more with you along the way.

Peace, Denis  

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