Tonight we are taking a look at the light painting gear I am taking to Easter Island. There is not a huge amount as I am trying as hard as possible to keep things simple.

We found out that the baggage we can take is nearly double what I thought. Including carry on, we can take 106kg! Which is nuts really, and I don't need to take that much gear. However, it does allow for a few extra additions. 

We are getting really close. Today I had my first real moment of nerves. I am going to talk about this in another video in more detail, but it is tricky thinking about what an awesome location we are heading to and trying not to "do to much" there. Of course I want to make the best images I can, but I am trying to keep it as real as possible. I want to try and be myself, and create images that make me feel like I have done the location the best of me. Its complicated to explain.

Anyway, enjoy the video, there is some cool gear coming away with us.

Peace, Denis

A huge thank you to my partners Olympus Australia, without their incredible support this would not be happening.