I know I am not the only person who ends up in a creative loop. It is a constant battle as a creative, and for me the ultimate goal is finding the remedy.

I am an artist, I create images for pure pleasure. I am a commercial photographer and a commercial film maker. I also manufacture light painting tools. I run photography workshops to share the skill of light painting with others. All of these things generate income. 

The challenge is this for me. My mind swirls with creative ideas. Images I want to create, tools I want to design and places I want to visit. I juggle the need to generate income, and allow myself the time to create.

I take an idea, think about it, look at the reality of it, then get distracted by other needs, it moves to the side. Often the idea, no matter how amazing, simply vaporises, but most will come back around for another look. Ideas swirling, like a vortex. 

When I try to diagnose where the "problem" is, I always come back to be incredibly disorganised. I am super honest about that. My head is like a swirling ball of fire, ideas, commitments, time, lack of time, the need to care for other people, a burning desire to make real the ideas that in my mind are ground shaking and life changing.

An example, I have had an idea that requires at least one full day of planning, one full night of shooting and then a day or two of getting it "tidied up" and ready for show. Blocking out the days in the calendar are easy, but the idea keeps getting pushed to the back by the simple need to do "real" work that makes an income. 

I suppose there are very few artists who work solely on their art. It is my dream. That one day my "value" as an artist funds enough time to realise the big dreams. 

I must be close, I am leaving for Easter Island in 2 weeks and it is a pure 2 weeks of creating content, totally engrossed in the work. 

My mind bulges with ideas, desires and the need to push. 

Just sharing.

Peace, Denis