Today I am incredibly proud to officially announce my entry into the Olympus Visionary Program.

I have been engaged with Olympus Australia for a couple of years now. I a relative newbie to photography, but I have big dreams. I want the whole photography world to experience the joy of Light Painting. Olympus listened to me.

The huge amount of fun we have been having will continue! 

Love, Light and Laughs! 

From the Visionary Page, which is HERE

"The Olympus Visionaries aim to inspire others with photography and filmmaking the way it has inspired them. Photography and filmmaking is in many ways an expression, be it a moment, a place or a person. For those below, using the Olympus system has enabled an expression of themselves. Olympus works closely with Visionaries to foster creative pursuits, process, share knowledge and insight to ultimately inspire others to reach their full creative potential. The Olympus Visionary Program aims to define the state of digital imaging and support the growth of digital photography, multimedia and video. Established not only to provide an avenue for professionals to realise their creative vision but to also provide Olympus with input from the professional imaging community."

visionary announcement.jpg
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