The Liquid Light series is super complex. I am old and a bit lazy, so the most complex things is actually getting in the water.

The elements that need to come together to create one of these start to stack up pretty quick.

The most important thing about this image, is that it is created with a very "basic" little camera, an Olympus EM10, a sub $1000 camera! Don't always assume you need anything flash to make magic, please remember that!

You obviously need waterproof gear. So tool selection is important. Here I am using a Led Lenser waterproof dive torch, but the Klarus torches are waterproof as well.

You need to be able to focus, and the top of water is tricky to focus on, pvc tube is used here.

Timing so that we can get something in the background is cool, so the window of some, but mot too much light is narrow.

Then, and most difficult, is you need to create a pleasing shape in the light. Here I am using the "intervalometer method" where the camera is taking multiple shots consecutively as I move around, then select my favourites in post.

Of course when you are "over there" splashing around, you need to come back to the camera each time, with wet hands, to check. Make adjustments, then go back.

You need to have all your tools there, out in the water.

The challenges are far outweighed by the results.

Take a close look at the "weave" in the light painting, an unexpected result from a tool that I designed to do something completely different.

Take a risk, bend the rules, make magic.

Peace, Denis

Denis SmithComment