Some of us have a "style", the type of image that someone will see and immediately say, "oh, thats Denis for sure." For me that image is a moonlit images with light painting in it, generally a Ball of Light. But thats my thing, my go to image. But sometimes I just want to smash that out of the window and push myself really hard.

These images are safe for me, I know how to prepare, what tools will work, and what images I will go home with. When I am out under a full moon, that is my comfort zone. 

Last week I read a post on the Facebook Group M43 Tech Talk. There was a lengthy conversation about using Micro 4/3 cameras for astro photography.

I have strong views on this. I truly believe that if people are looking really close at Astro images, and being critical, than your image is not good. If someone looks at your image, and is smacked in the face by the image itself, the composition, the idea, the "awesomeness" then they will not be picking it apart. All of the same rules apply to make a good image, story, composition etc.

There is an incredibly challenging thing about capturing an astro image combined with light painting. The camera is generally wide open and at really high iso settings. This means that your light painting tools must be very dim, or they will just blow out. 


So of course after reading the post about how a camera with Micro 4/3 sensor might struggle to capture a satisfactory astro image. of course I immediately booked ferry tickets across to my favourite light painting spot, The Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island here in South Australia.

I have select this weekend, with a new moon, as my challenge. I am going to do may best to smash out some astro/lightpainting images using my M43 gear. Not only will I be taking my Olympus EM1mk2's with some stunning, fast prime lenses, but as always I am looking forward to taking the Olympus EM10mk3, just to challenge myself with a really "basic" little camera. 

As an Olympus Visionary I push my equipment hard. And finding reasons to do this is a pretty nice challenge to have.

It will be cold (its winter right now), one of the nights is forecast for rain, but I will have a blast, and will be way outside my comfort zone. Of course I may come back with absolute rubbish, but what I do know, it will be fun!

Here is a little video I produced for a tour we were planning, this will give you an idea of the place.

I am looking forward to sharing with you some of the results, challenges and things I learned this coming weekend. 

Peace, Denis