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Light painting changed my life and it all began in the Light Junkies group on flickr. 

The image you see below was created in 2008, 10 years ago and was the first image in the Light Junkies group. Trevor Williams started the group as a place to learn, share and celebrate. And what a place it became. 

Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels have certainly become the mainstay, but there was something magical about Flickr back in those days, and still today really. High quality representation of our work. An explosion of fresh, new and just mind bending photography that for many years was where we went to share, learn and support each other. 

There are heaps of amazing light painting groups on Flickr, but the Light Junkies feed is truly like a museum of our art form, it is magical. 


If you don't know the history of light painting, it is a long and incredible one. The best place to start is over at Jason Page's amazing HISTORY PAGE on his website , there you will find people and work that stretches way beyond 2008. But if you are a light painter, you should shut down your social media for a night and go and take a look through the early days of the Light Junkies Group.

If you make the effort, you will realise several things. The main one is that nothing is new. Everything you see today in contemporary light painting has been done. My love of spinning orbs came from light junkies. I stand on the shoulders of giants.

The next thing you will find is inspiration! 

My good friend Patrick Rocho showed me a bunch of his early work (around 1994!) light painting with film, there is a bunch of that on Light Junkies. 

I just cant believe that its been 10 years. This crazy thing called light painting really has legs I think. 


Thank you Trevor for creating tat amazing place, and all the legendary light painters that still keep it going. You my friend were such an incredible inspiration to me, you lit the fire mate!

Thank you to all the light painters who for years inspired me to grow and learn. Yes there were some grumpy buggers there (you know who you are) but boy it felt like a safe place to be, very different to today.

So, go and have a look. Be inspired. And those of you who were around then and using the group, go and reminisce, I know I do all the time, even if to just remind myself how far I have come. 

Trevor Williams

Light Junkies

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Peace, Denis 


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