NEPAL - The Gear Challenge

I traditionally go silly when it comes to taking gear away on creative trips. This trip to Nepal is a little different as we are moving around quite a bit. So I have challenged myself to take as little gear as possible.

As you will see in the video below, I am only taking a handful, literally, of light painting gear, some video lights, audio gear, and then the Olympus kit. It blows me away completely just how many bodies and lenses I can get into the bag. When I was using full frame camera gear, the idea of taking 2 bodies and a full suite of lenses would seem insane, or result in a very heavy excess baggage bill, and a crook back.

I am super looking forward to Nepal. I have always been enamoured by it. As a kiwi you grow up with Sir Edmund Hillary as a true hero and Everest as a beacon.

We will also be faced with the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake. The country is still reeling from that. I do not know quite what I will find, but look forward to taking a look around and making some magic!

The main reasons for the trip are to have a bit of a holiday with Kyrie, but also to shoot a promo video for our good friend Joh, she has a shop here in Adelaide Kutumba selling amazing products made in Nepal. She is going to be taking tours up there, and we are shooting for that.

See you in a couple of weeks!

Peace, Denis

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