/ Dimensions 800 x 450mm
/ 9mm Acrylic (4.5 x 2)
/Only 10 Acrylics available
/ 1 of an overall edition of 20

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery (although this may be quicker)

Shipping inside Australia AUD$50 and outside Australia AUD$190


When I am asked why my favourite Ball of Light image is, this is always up there. It was created in the middle of the night on a very remote salt lake here in South Australia. The combination of very bright moonlight, and the striking colours of this Ball of Light make it a deep, engaging and etherial image.

You cant hide on the salt, and the simplicity of the image is what I love so much.

An interesting point is that the “head”, the part that makes the colour happen, no longer exists, making the image even more special to me.

This image is captured in a single exposure with no editing / compositing apart from basic adjustments to contrast etc.


Historically an edition is a number of prints struck from a single plate. This can get very confusing when looking at digital images. When you purchasing one of my limited edition prints, you know that you are buying a print that will only ever be produced, in ALL MEDIUMS, in that edition. I am releasing 10 special edition acrylics of this image. I have sold one of these images as a paper print, this means that after this run, there will only ever be 9 more sold, in any form.

Each print is checked over by Denis, numbered and signed on the reverse of the print and shipped.

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